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Birthdate:Apr 1
Location:Lawrence, Kansas, United States of America
Website:Fic on AO3
This journal pretty much exists for Wincest and whumping Sam. No, seriously. That's why I made it. Gen totally happens here, but mainly the Wincest. And/or Sam-whump. You've been duly warned.

º Friending: friend away! I love meeting new people! If I friended you, it's probably because I enjoyed something you wrote, not because I'm trying to stalk you.

º Bashing (as distinct from criticizing or disliking) the female* characters on SPN is something of a button for me. Please don't. :(

Disclaimer: This journal contains derivative works (fan fiction). I claim no ownership over any publicly recognizable characters or situations. Trust me, I'm not worth suing.

* I mean, I'm not really keen on bashing anybody, for the practice is boring and annoying. But bashing of the "ew, she's getting girl cooties in my fannish thing!" variety is especially bothersome to me.
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